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natural dyeing / 草木染めについて

natural dyeing 草木染めについて


In Japan, there are so many names of the colours are derived from the natural plants because Japanese people are attracted by a colour of natural plants, the ores and the animals. The wishing to dye with the yearning colours fostered the techniques of natural dyeing.
But today, the chemical dye is the mainstream of dyeing colours. Certainly it might be good for the manufacturers because it is cheap and easy to settled a colour. However, we can not say that artificial dye which from like heavy metals or chemicals is good for human or nature.
Conversely, a genuine plant dyeing -100% natural- is pretty enough to say it is good for human and nature.
at MAITO, our products were started from reflecting a colour from the natural plants by our own hands.

special materials / 独自のプロセスから生まれる特別な素材

special materials 独自のプロセスから生まれる特別な素材


A colours of the natural dyes may change a hue along with the time goes by but there are various obstacles to deal with making it as daily use. We found a solution of the problem in our ancestors’s wisdoms and the craftsman’s techniques.
Of course we dye a product, a knitting, a cloth and a thread but we make retroactive to dye a cotton wool too.
Then we could make the colours of our products be harder to fade out and reflecting more depth.
From dyeing a cotton wool, there would be blended with many colours in one thread.
It is our original process of the natural dyeing with the depth and the high function.

wholegarment / ホールガーメント

special wholegarment ホールガーメント




“the wholegarment” is complete garment knitting that adds the capability of making a 3D full garment. It was designed as fitting to human body and finished complete knitted garments so do not have seams. It would not be shapeless and it would be very gentle to your skin. Further, it wouldn’t need so much thread so we don’t need to waste it.
We want to cherish the materials from the nature and we want you to feel closely this gentleness to your skin.
That’s why we select the wholegarment.
We choose to use both of the handworks and the present knitting technology. In short, we can say that we make our collection by using the Japanese tradition and the advanced technology.