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| 草木染ホールガーメントニット



Our original natural dyed knit which is knitted by “the wholegarment” is complete garment knitting that adds the capability of making a 3D full garment. This is made from our original thread was dyed a cotton wool with 100% natural dye and spun. It was designed as fitting to human body and finished complete knitted garments so do not have seams. It would not be shapeless and it would be very gentle to your skin.
Further, it wouldn’t need so much thread so we don’t need to waste it.We want to cherish the materials from the nature and we want you to feel closely this gentleness to your skin.That’s why we select the wholegarment.We choose to use both of the handworks and the present knitting technology. In short, we can say that we make our collection by using the Japanese tradition and the advanced technology.

| 草木染ホールガーメントニット メイン画像