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| 倉敷で織った草木染帆布




Our original natural dyed Hanpu-canvas which is weaved in Kurashiki-Okayama which is famous canvas-producing city in Japan. This is made from our original thread was dyed a cotton wool with 100% natural dye and spun. The gentleness of colour is peculiarity which only natural dyeing can reflect and it improves the appearance better while you use it.
It is much lighter and stronger than a leather so people use it as a suit for judo, a canvas, a tent and a sailcloth. Usually people dyes canvas after weaving but to make the colour strong, we use our original dyed thread.
Hanpu-canvas just as it is strong but to make it be waterproofing, we waxed cloth with a paraffin oil and laminated by polyurethane.

| 倉敷で織った草木染帆布 メイン画像